How Marketing Companies helps you find the marketing advice you’re looking for:

(It’s fast, simple and FREE!)

Step #1: Tell us about your company
Very briefly, tell us who you are, what you do and what kind of business you have. Don’t worry—we treat your information confidentially and never let it out to a 3rd party.

Step #2: We search
Marketing Companies then searches our database of advertising, marketing, PR and digital consulting companys. We look at over 1000 firms located nationwide to find the ones that match your needs. We pick as many of 5 of these and invite them to make you a proposal.

Step #3: You get no-cost proposals
Each company makes its own proposal to you by e-mail. They send you information on what they’ve done, what they think they can do for you, and what it might cost. There’s never a charge or obligation.

Step #4: You pick and choose
You evaluate the proposals and decide what you like. If you see something that you’re interested in, you respond to the company and start gathering more information. If things work out to your satisfaction, you move on to Step #5. If they don’t, let us know here at Marketing Companies and we can start the process again with the hope of finding you a better match.

Step #5: You hire your consultant
You deal directly with the company you choose—we’re not the middle man in your transaction and we don’t charge you any fee. In fact, we do just the opposite—if you want to make a deal with any of our recommendations, we’ll pay the first $250 of their charges as our way of helping you on to success.

Step #6: Your business thrives
Experts say that nothing makes a business grow like good marketing. If you implement a good marketing plan from the consultant you’ve chosen, you could find your business double or triple in size very rapidly. You could find yourself expanding into new markets, using new marketing channels, perhaps even getting buyout offers. You may find your biggest problem being what to do with all the extra money you are making and what island to choose for that vacation home. Sorry, we can’t help you there.

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Our services are paid for by the firms we recommend. It´s free to you! Your information is safe. We never give out your personal information to 3rd parties.

Marketing Companies
Marketing Companies