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Warning Signs Your Content Marketing May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Content Marketing is one of the key marketing strategies that companies use to promote their brand, product, or service. This is because it is a relatively cost-effective way of flexing your company’s marketing muscles and it can be implemented fairly easily. However; when content marketing is poorly implemented and executed, it can fail to create an impact in its target audience or create awareness for your company. Here are some red flags that may be telling you that the content you’re creating may not be doing any favors for your company’s digital marketing efforts: Little to no keyword relevance – Keyword research/analysis is an essential part of most digital marketing strategies, and should connect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content creation together by using relevant keywords, terms, and topics that are often entered into search engine queries or topics discussed within the keywords’ relevant industry. Without the necessary keyword research/analysis, it is impossible to create relevant content that can drive organic visibility and create more brand, company, product, or service awareness. Wrong or Untargeted keyword use – Just as bad as not doing any keyword research/analysis is generating sets of keywords that are not relevant to the client’s marketing campaign. The content that you provide should use specifically-targeted keywords that are meaningful to the client’s marketing plan. Poor metrics – If your site’s content is not causing an increase in your metrics; then it might indicate that your content is of poor-quality, boring, or irrelevant. Factors such as the volume of organic site and page traffic, views, likes, shares, and comments; as well as bounce rate, on-page duration time, follower and subscriber count can a fairly accurate barometer of how engaging and how effective your content is. The topics are more promotional than informative – Reading through a spec sheet or reading a list of product features doesn’t seem very exciting, doesn’t it? If the content you are offering is more of a shallow, promotional piece of text; then most readers or visitors to the site won’t find it interesting and engaging at all. Strive to keep your promotion to a minimum, and let your content be more informative. Your content is limited only to blog posts – Most businesses think that Content Marketing is essentially creating a blog page and inundating it with blog posts, and for most businesses; that could be enough. In truth though; there are other types of content that you can make available to your potential readers. B2B customers also consume other types of content; such as ebooks, white papers, case studies, reports, and other types of digital text and publications. Also, strive for fewer blogs of better quality; as there are already too many blog posts out there. Content; as they say, is king. But when you’re using content to drive your business’ growth; you need to know that the most important factor to consider is the content’s audience: a thorough understanding of their needs, expectations, and search behavior is essential to creating content that will engage, and ultimately; foster loyalty in them.Brand The Globe  can help your business generate organic visibility with its Content Creation Services. We also offer Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, and Video Marketing. Contact us online for all of your questions and for more information.

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