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Why Hiring a PPC Management Expert is the Best Decision for your Company

If your company is engaged in the ever-burgeoning world of digital marketing; then you are most probably actively marketing your company, product, or service by using both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing. Of the two; Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is the “faster” approach, as SEO relies on organic searches and can be slow going. This is why companies typically spend more for PPC campaigns. PPC or Pay Per Click Marketing is a marketing model wherein advertisers pay a fee whenever one of their online ads is clicked. Unlike SEO marketing where the company attempts to garner site visits organically; PPC marketing is a way of “buying” site visits, such as when companies bid for ad placement in search-engine sponsored links that appear when a relevant keyword related to the client’s business is used for the search. While most companies see the value of PPC marketing, many of them may not see the value of getting help for their PPC campaign. They might think: “PPC? Social Media Marketing? How hard could it be?” However; the stark truth is that PPC marketing management entails in-depth knowledge of strategic ad buying while keeping advertising expenses to a minimum, careful channel selection strategy, competitive analysis, keyword analysis, keyword/query monitoring, ROI analysis, split testing text and graphics, and negative match optimization. These are skills and procedures that require a special degree of qualification: something which not every marketing department can boast of. For companies unfamiliar with these things; the best course of action is to hire experts to make sure that the campaign is executed successfully and generates maximum buzz, visits, and ROI for the company. Here are some other reasons why hiring a PPC Management Expert makes good sense:
  • It’s Cheaper – Launching a PPC campaign on your own may seem like it can save you a hefty fee; but you will need to hire extra manpower with the necessary skills and expertise, purchase some very expensive PPC analysis and database software/tools (or pay for online service vendors that replicate them). Furthermore; these tools and pieces of software have a very steep learning curve, and aren’t easy to use.
  • It can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing – improper ad spending, using the wrong ad copy, or using the wrong geographic settings can all spell trouble for your campaign. Wouldn’t you rather entrust the minutiae (and your budget) to someone who knows how to generate leads and page clicks to grow your business?
  • It requires specialized knowledge and training – PPC management experts need to know things like keyword research, competitive analysis, and ad copy creation. Tracking code installation requires knowledge of HTML. All of this will entail a considerable amount of time and money spent on training/studying about PPC management. Why not work with people who know all of these skills already and have had extensive experience in implementing these types of campaigns?
  • It frees you to focus on your business – Most designated “in-house” PPC Managers usually have other tasks assigned to them: they also do things like facilitate training sessions or create/generate productivity reports (among other things). Hiring the services of a dedicated PPC Management Expert allows your company to focus on the business and production side of things, and relegate the PPC campaign to someone whose only job is to implement, monitor, and optimize it.
PPC marketing is an invaluable tool for getting potential clients and customers to visit you site. In the right hands; it can be an incredibly effective tool to help your business grow. Just make sure that you use it effectively (or leave it to PPC management experts who can).Does your company need to implement PPC Management? Brand The Globe can boost your online presence and provide a complete range of Digital Marketing services including Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, and Video Marketing. Contact us online to avail of our services, to make inquiries, or to find out more.

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